1. Who uses this Course?

Project Finance Primer: This course is used by learners looking for a quick introduction to project finance. They are typically not yet involved in structuring these transactions but may need to have a working knowledge and understanding of project finance principles and concepts e.g. relationship managers, chief financial officers, advisers, lawyers, analysts, syndication staff, agency staff etc. This course can be completed in 3-4 hours.

Project Finance Foundations : This course is designed for serious practitioners involved in structuring and/or assessing complex project finance transactions and comprehensively covers project finance principles and techniques. It starts from first principles and comprehensively covers contractual structures, project risks, debt sizing and structuring, key terms of all the major contracts and credit agreements. It also provides an introduction into the major project finance sectors and the risk characteristics of each. It takes between 30-40 hours to complete this Course.

Mastering Project Finance Models : This course is designed for practitioners new to financial modelling and who need to get behind the numbers and understand how project finance models are put together. The best way to understand a project finance model is to build one and this Course takes participants step by step through the process of building a project finance model. A basic understanding of project finance principles is assumed along with basic Excel skills. It takes between 30-40 hours to complete.

Modelling Financial Statements : This course is for those looking to broaden their financial modelling skills. Participants get to build an integrated three-statement financial model. This skill is also useful for those wanting to carry out credit analysis on the major project finance participants.

2. What software do I need to access the Courses?

No special software is required, and the Courses are accessed via your browser. The courses are compatible with browsers in HTML5 mode or Flash mode.

To view in HTML5
  • Windows : Internet Explorer 10 or later, Microsoft Edge (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version)
  • Mac : Safari (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version)
  • Mobile : Safari in Apple iOS 8 or later, Google Chrome in Apple iOS 8 or later, Google Chrome in Android OS 4.1 or later
To view in Flash mode
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or later plus any of these web browsers:
  • Windows : Internet Explorer 8 or later, Microsoft Edge (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version)
  • Mac : Safari (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version)
3. What do I get if I purchase the Course?

You get a license to access all the Course material on our Learning Management System for 12 months. Here you can go through the e-learning content, take quizzes, view videos etc. You also get unlimited instructor support via e-mail. In addition, you have access to downloadable content. This includes:

  • Project Finance Primer : Workbook
  • Project Finance Foundations : 7 workbooks that include summaries of key points/slides, various contractual checklists, detailed sample term sheet, notes relating to various topics.
  • Mastering Project Finance Models : 16 pdf tutorials (over 350+ pages) that come with the course and 20 spreadsheets. You are required to complete 10 of these spreadsheets, one at a time, as you build your model. The remaining 10 spreadsheets are available for you to check your work at each step.
  • Modelling Financial Statements : Summary notes of key steps.
4. How long do I have to complete the Course?

As mentioned above, you have 12 months to complete the Course from the time you are issued with a login.

5. How many hours does it take to complete each Course?
  • Project Finance Primer : 2-3 hours
  • Project Finance Foundations : 30-40 hours
  • Mastering Project Finance Models : 30-40 hours
  • Modelling Financial Statement : 20-25 hours
6. What level are the Courses pitched at?
  • Project Finance Primer : No prior knowledge/experience
  • Project Finance Foundations : No prior project finance knowledge/experience required.
  • Mastering Project Finance Models : Some exposure to project finance transactions (6 months) or completion of the Project Finance Foundations Course is recommended. Basic Excel skills.
  • Modelling Financial Statements : No prior knowledge. Basic Excel Skills.
7. Can I use these Courses for staff who have some experience?

Absolutely. While “on the job” training may eventually cover everything, you would expect your staff to know, it is often inefficient and can be a bit hit and miss.  Together, the Project Finance Foundations  and the Mastering Project Finance Models Courses ensure your staff members gain the knowledge and skill they need to be regarded as “practitioners”.

8. Can the learning be assessed/monitored?

Yes. There are scored quizzes that determine completion for the Project Finance Primer, Project Finance Foundations, and Modelling Financial Statements Courses. To complete the “Mastering Project Finance Models” Course, completed spreadsheets need to be submitted to the instructor.
We can provide weekly/monthly progress reports for all the courses (if required).

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What our clients say

Nord/LB is using the Project Finance Foundation as an introductory tool for our less experienced Project Finance colleagues .The tool is very well put together and provides the flexibility that we require to develop our people in a very busy environment.

Andy Robinson Global Head of Project Finance Origination, Nord/LB